Background & Skills

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Born on May, 21st 1978 in São Paulo, Brazil.

Currently living in São Paulo working at Senac, one of the major teaching institutions in Brazil as a system analyst and ColdFusion developer at the institution´s IT department. My main responsabilities are creating development documentation for external development companies and the internal development team and also developing new features and applications for the educational sector of the institution in ColdFusion and Oracle.

Some Senac numbers in 2016:
– 519.335 students
– 166.242 people of 716 communities benefited from 559 collective projects promoted by the institution
– 68.141 guests in both hotels that serves as school for the hospitality industry
– It´s editorial sector has 954 titles with 1.254.515 copies sold
– The main website served 55.271.803 visits
– Approved budget of R$ 1.678.068.000,00

Previous job
IT Manager at IPDV, a software house focused at the trade marketing space called IPDV Online. I started there as a Sr. ColdFusion Developer and Team Manager in June 2014 and soon got promoted to become the System Development Manager. In 2016 I got promoted again to become the Research & Development Manager.

In the second half of 2017 I became IPDV´s IT Manager. This means that I´m reponsible for the maintenance of our IT infra-structure, development team, improvements to our products, new developments, staff recruitment, procurement, budget and everything that fit under those umbrellas.

My duties as R&D Manager was studying the technical viability of new projects, the development of new products and keep track of our competition, making sure that IPDV always have the better e newest solutions for our clients while suporting the sales team with all the information they need to improve their numbers.

My responsibilities as development manager were recruting staff for the development team, respond to the support team for each job demanded by our clients with delivery timetables and make sure that all deliveries will be on time with quality, document all new development reqirements and deliver it to the development team, implement a new framework as a baseline for every new project so that future maintenance will be more understandable for every member of the team and help the company develop new products and features for the ones that already exists.

Personal and other stuff
My personal goals for 2019/20 are: finish my IT Management graduation and develop and finish at least 3 personal apps with professional look and feel.

I´m single and have a beautifull little girl called Catarina Kaori.

Co-founder of Tabber, a startup created to improve restaurant sales. Check out the video below to know more.

• IT Management graduation in 2020 at Universidade Cruzeiro do Sul;
• Thirteen years of experience as web developer, Project Manager and Technology Manager, coordinating teams up to 7 professionals;
• Programming languages: HTML, XHTML, CSS, Bootstrap, JavaScript, jQuery, VB, ASP, PHP, ColdFusion, Windows Media; Certified by Impacta (without professional expirence): Java (JEE + JSP), VB.NET; Just finished my first Java App for Android, for IPDV (Theres a NDA, so can´t say much about it).
• Data Bases: MSSQL 2000+, Oracle, MySQL, PostgreSQL, IndexedDB, Web SQL, Access;
• Software: Sublime Text 3, HomeSite, ColdFusion Studio, Android Studio, Dreamweaver, Flash 3,4,5 & MX, Photoshop, NetBeans, Eclipse, Visual Studio 2005+;
• Frameworks and platforms: Fusebox e ModelGlue (ColdFusion), CodeIgniter (PHP), SCORM (e-Learning), WordPress and OpenCart;
• Spoken languages: Portuguese (native), Spanish (Written/Spoken) and English (Written/Spoken);
• 4 year residency at Mexico City, Mexico, two 3 months term high school exchange to Colrain, Ma. and 6 months in Miami, Fl. as a participant on a startup acceleration program at Venture Hive;
• Education: currently enroled in the 3rd semester for IT Managment and two unfinished graduations at Anhembi-Morumbi: Web Development Mastering and Architecure and Urbanism.
• Hobbies: Go Kart racing, going to rock concerts, eating with friends, fishkeeping and a good movie or series on tv.